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Waterlight UX UI project


Digital Experience UX | UI

Design of the digital experience for the presentation of a product with a high cultural impact that transmits tradition and innovation, inspired by the indigenous communities of Colombia. It is the winner of multiple awards and recognitions at a global level since in a sustainable way it reduces the inequality gaps that some peoples still suffer today, such as the absence of electricity and light late at night.

By Wunderman Thompson + Edina

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Adidas bad bunny digital experience UX UI

First Café
Bad Bunny (Global)


Global digital experience that allowed users to make exclusive pre-purchase of products through Uber Eats and the Adidas Puerto Rico online site, Bad Bunny's country of birth. In both cases all units were sold in less than 10 minutes.

By Wunderman Thompson for adidas

BioHerbal oficial website UX UI


Digital Experience UX | UI

Design of the digital brand new digital experience in which processes were involved to define the target audience, establish key tasks and actions for the platform, develop and implement an information architecture scheme and land the navigation flows between the different pages, making it visible and evident the different types of resources and content that would be found there, taking into account the values and needs of the brand.

By Wunderman Thompson for BioHerbal

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Watch us move ADIDAS Miranos mover UX UI

Watch us move

Digital Experience UX | UI

Digital experience that introduced the ADIDAS "Watch us move" campaign to Latin America, in which the main conceptual pillars, icons and downloadable products were presented to spread the brand's message.

By Wunderman Thompson for adidas

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Gana con clase pony malta UI

Gana Con Clase


Design of the user interface for the campaign "Gana Con Clase" ("Win With Class") that using an 8bits style would allow students from different parts of Colombia and the world to access prizes by entering only their academic grades as a requirement as a way to motivate them to return to school and actively study after the pandemic.

By Wunderman Thompson for Pony Malta

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Stan Smith Digital experience UX UI

Stan Smith

Digital Experience UX | UI

Design of the platform that would allow the brand's staff to register contestants, register points, carry out exchanges, manage internal processes and control the progress of the campaign internally.

By Wunderman Thompson for adidas

Montblanc Nacional de Chocolates UX



A single page designed for the Montblanc brand as part of the launch of its new image, which would involve new packaging, a change in communication schemes and a renewed strategic approach.

By Wunderman Thompson for Montblanc

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Multix trolley configurator UX UI

Trolley Configurator

Digital Experience UX | UI

Design for the Italian brand Multix Trolley of the browsing experience, interaction and interface of a virtual configurator that would allow potential clients to put together the combination that best suits them from a large number of accessories and customization possibilities to facilitate the quotation process and purchase.

By RezzonicoDesign for Multix Trolley

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ECR 2020 Bracco UI UX

ECR Bracco 2020


Design of storytelling, characters and audiovisual interface for the participation of the Bracco brand in the ECR 2020 nuclear medicine congress.

By RezzonicoDesign for Bracco

Meetime UX UI CX


Digital Experience UX | UI

Meetime is the first service for seniors that stimulates their participation in local events and the creation of new friendships through a community supported by a smart objects system.

By Giuglia Gambino, Valeria Quiroga, Angela Sanjuan, Juan S.Fuentes y Paula Lozano

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Melina Light Motion graphic

Melina Light

CX | Strategic & Content Design

As part of the relaunch of the Milanese luxury luminaire brand, I participated as a leader in the brand's Communication Strategy and content designer for the different points of contact between the company and its audience, in order to increase traffic and requests. In just one week, performance was improved by 600%

By Melina Light

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La Botelllita ("The little bottle") Yaguarandi Motion graphic, illustration & visual design

La botellita

Visual & Motion design

The little bottle's animated music video was a freelance project developed for Yaguarandi (a band based in NY, USA) to present their new song. I participated on the creation of the storytelling and the visual compositions (illustration, character design and motion graphic).

By Paula Lozano for Yaguarandi

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